qpdx-prideYou may or may not be old school enough to be familiar with qPDX but we’re back from a 2+ year hiatus to be your most comprehensive guide to the Rose City’s gay high holidays. So my goal for this spot is to be one-stop shopping for all your Portland Pride 2014 needs. Let me tell you what you can expect.

Firstly, I hope you noticed the continuously updating Twitter feed to the left here (on a desktop, or up top if you’re on your phone). This is your real time updates from me, you, and everyone you know, about what’s going on RIGHT NOW. Simply tag your tweet with the hashtag #pdxpride and it will show up right here. Are you at the best party and you want everyone else to know? Tweet us! Is the line for beer at Club [X] super long and you want to warn everyone? Let us know girl! Is there a drink special? A performer that shouldn’t be missed? Update our feed. Likewise if you want to know what’s happening right now just open up qPDX.com on your computer or mobile device to see what’s happening. PLUS, I will be posting after party details that cannot be released until the day of here so you will want to PAY ATTENTION (I’m serious dudes, I got some exciting shit I can’t tell you yet).

The rest of the site is a searchable, sortable list of all the events, parties, and performances you want to know about for 2014’s Pride weekend. Click on any of the tags or categories to sort by day, type of event, whether there are likely to be more boys or girls there or any number of other elements. And, like I said, this list aims to be comprehensive and I pride myself (pun semi-intended) on knowing everything that’s going on in this town (because, girl, I’ve been covering this Pride thing for a long ass time) so if I’ve missed something help limit my embarrassment and let me know by commenting here or emailing me at alley at qpdx.com.

Oh and if you want to know where I’ll be the folks over the The HLC Project gracious lent me a post to give my 2014 Portland Pride picks. Follow me children!