Taking Pride on Stark

stark-st-prideThe more low key, but no less fun, of the 2 side-by-side block parties goes all weekend long and has lots of guests including Miss Mylar Black, Pagan Holladay, Summer Seasons and “Dance Party of the Decades” with DJ Robb.

Saturday: Gates open & 2pm $5 cover before 7pm/$10 cover after 7pm
2:00 – Pindar 3
4:00 – DJ Robb
4:30 – Caravan of Glam
6:00 – Peacock Productions
7:00 – Saturday Night Orphans
9:00- DJ Bud

Sunday: Gates open at Noon $5 Cover
12:30 – Laurent Nickel & Laura Cunard Live Jazz
3:00 – DJ Robb
4:00- Peacock Productions
5:00 – Portland Idol Performance
6:00 – Acoustic Minds

Free, Friday June 13th
$5 before 7pm, $10 after, Saturday June 14th
$5 all day, Sunday June 15th

1125 SW Stark St

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An ON off off off Broadway SHIT SHOW

shit-showPride is for your absolute PROUDEST MOMENTS…Somethin’ to write home about, right? Cum make something of yourself, you ass! (Just walk-of-shame it right there dudes)

For reals, here’s the deal..We’re gonna have a little shit show of a daytime party at Habesha. Just come and see what happens.You know if you’re coming to dance at 1pm on pride Saturday, you’re on a damn level queen.
Lez go–>

PS, there’s a stage..Feel the call? ūüėČ

Dance Party // Patio // Performance // Shit Show For Sure

Please dontate $3-5 at the door for our DJ’s and Performer!!

Dj’s :
Sappho (Turnt Up/Chicken Strip)
Riff Raff (Shade Seattle)
Troubled Youth (Blackbook Thursday’s)

Performance By:
Glitoris Pleasurepuss

$3-5, 1pm Saturday June 14th

801 NE Broadway St

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Blow Pony’s Queer Mutiny with Ssion

ssionThe irrepressible Blow Pony is back for a 7th year of queerupting Pride. Starting as GAY BASH back in 2007 BP is always crazy, controversial and boundary pushing. You can expect a lot of QUEER diversity, dancing, bonding, history, and unity on the dual dance floors. Homo Gogos, DJs Airick, Stormy, Kasio Smashio, Jenns Irish, and most of all headliner musical performance art queerdos Ssion.

But wait, the bill just keeps getting better and better with additions musical mavens¬†Glitterbang and¬†performance art and drag fiercers Double Duchess who last year had the energy to turn it out late into the night Saturday in San Francisco (which I saw in person) and turn around for Seattle’s Sunday fun (which I saw videos of as I lay hungover on Market Street concrete). Now that, my babies, is Pride dedication.

$8 b4 10pm $10 after, 9pm
Saturday June 14th

315 SE 3rd

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Control Top presents Rye Rye

control-topOrganizer and DJ Roy-G-Biv aka Katey Pants knows how to throw a party. Lines have gone around the block for the past 2 years this Pride event has gone down. This year you can avoid that stress (and save 3 bucks) by getting pre-sale tix. And believe me you’ll want to. With young Rye Rye, the future of hip hop headlining the bill this party is bound to be more popular than ever.

Hosted by the flawless Chanticleer Tru (of Magic Mouth and other projects), musical performances by Rye Rye and Bomb Ass Pussy, and DJ stylings of Roy G Biv, Nark, Mr. Sister and Gossip Cat this might just be the party to be at Saturday night for the queer crowd. 

$12 Advance//// $15 DOS,
9pm Saturday June 14th

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White Owl Social Club
1308 SE 8th Ave 

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Dyke March

Drag Mansion at the 2011 Dyke March. Photo by Alley Hector.

Drag Mansion at the 2011 Dyke March. Photo by Alley Hector.

The constant refrain of “Where is the Dyke March” and “Is it happening?” are no less present this year BUT it IS happening. It’s at the usual gather time of 6PM¬†It’s at a brand new crazy early time of 1pm at the Salmon Street Fountain (I THINK). But anyway this “parade of exes” has it’s own pre-party sort of¬†hilarity that should not be missed.

Plus it is the 45th anniversary of Stonewall and here’s some local lore as well:

Long long ago and far away in 1994, several Portland Lesbian Avengers- lezzies, bulldykes, femmes, and transfolk got together to replicate an event that happened at the March on Washington (DC) 1993- the Dyke March. 

It’s been 20 years. And a lot of things have changed. We’re shedding labels, and identifying in new and different ways, but I still believe that Dyke March is hugely important to queer and dyke visibility.¬†

FREE, 1pm at the [NOTE TIME CHANGE: See letter posted below]
Saturday June 14th

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PS While I understand the logistics of¬†the time change I’m less than thrilled. We already have a hard enough time getting our Dyke March in order in this town, people are always confused, lost and wondering if it is happening. It’s always been at 6pm for many years and it feels like we’re getting pushed around. Plus I feel like it’ll be even harder to get people to be up and out in time for 11am. Bad bad decisions all around folks…


Gaylabration 2014 Poster FINALSometimes you just need a big damn circuit party. This is the classic gay dance vibe but with good Portland peeps, and there ain’t nothing wrong with that.

DJ Tristan Jaxx’s hard-hitting signature brand of visceral house music commands an enthralling blend of deep, pounding sound, larger-than-life vocals and vast & voluminous instrumentals.

Isaiah Esquire is the producer and headliner of the hit bi monthly show Boyeurism, which has always made me swoon. His performance style that is intensely emotive, athletic, and explosive incorporating elements of dance, burlesque, drag, and contortion.

John-Nuriel Yeshua Vissell (Johnny Nuriel) fuses burlesque, belly dance, aerial, and LED together to create unique and vibrant performances, sometimes uniting all four in a single act

Lights by Laseronics for your eye holes.

$15 presale, $20 advance
with Hotflash/Inferno $22.50
$50 VIP, $40 Pride NW VIP
Buy Tickets

10pm, Saturday June 14th

Crystal Ballroom
1332 W Burnside

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Gayme of Thrones Photo Scavenger Hunt


Epic [and we use this word sparingly] drama Game of Thrones returned to our television screens amid exciting promises that this season is to be sexier, bloodier and more gripping than ever. Well here in Portland it will be gayer than ever too! Set in a medieval fantasy Portland, the Gayme of Thrones Photo Scavenger Hunt presents a world of constant war where teams ‚ÄúHouses‚ÄĚ of 4-5 battle it out for the iron throne.

Will your house differ from the rest? Perhaps you’ll take the Daenerys Targaryen’s approach, and you hatch your dragon eggs now, so that by June 14th at 1pm they will make you invincible!

Back in our non-magical realm, we need our own visionary dragon kings and queens of the LGBTQ community. Visionaries who recognize that in our state of Oregon despite our recent victory for marriage equality, the lack of social equity for the LGBTQ community still exists, and it is very much real. Your participation in the Gayme of Thrones: 3rd Annual Pride Photo Scavenger Hunt will benefit the Equity Foundation; an organization that funds projects and programs working to create social, economic, and political equity for the LGBTQ community.

Participation in the event is free, so put your houses together, and plan for Portland Pride’s Gayme of Thrones Scavenger Hunt!
How it works
In the 3rd installment of our annual Pride Photo Scavenger Hunt, you and your noble (or not so noble) house of 4-5 people will band together as you race across our great city completing tasks, challenges and feats of bravery (all to be captured on your cellular device) in an all out war of fabulousness as you compete for the crown and everlasting glory.
Facebook Event
Interactive recap of seasons 1-3

1pm Saturday June 14th

The Royale
317 NW Broadway

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infernoFor the early birds! (Formerly over 35 but let’s be honest some of us oldies are also night owls and some of us youguns peter out early)

We‚Äôre bringing back some of our favorite performers from last year ‚Äď
Portland Drag King EMILIO comes to us all the way from Rosario, Argentina, and now calls the Pacific Northwest home. Emilio began performing in 2008 in Portland, Oregon, and has graced hundreds of stages since.

KIMIKAZE! From City Nightclub kid to Ms. Gay Alaska, [OMG DOES ANYONE ELSE REMEMBER THE CITY NIGHTCLUB?! CHAT ME UP AT PRIDE, I MEAN THE REAL ME ALLEY HECTOR] cabaret performer and fan dancer Kimikaze! has been gracing stages around the country ever since her first ballet recital at the age of three. Taking a break from her current day job as a sustainable ranch hand, Kimikaze! is thrilled to join us again this year for Inferno’s Pride Party!

Our Portland and Seattle Go-Go’s will be amping the dance floor and stage throughout the evening.

This event is open to the entire LGBT community! Partial proceeds to benefit Pride NW.

Don’t worry we listened to you…..This year we will have more satellite Bars, Fans, and a separate entrance for ticket holders.

Advance tickets for INFERNO: $16.25 ($12.50 + $3.75 service charge)
INFERNO Tickets at the door: $16 ($15 + $1 service charge)
Advance tickets for both Inferno & Gaylabration: $28.43 ($22.50 + $5.93)

6 to 10pm, Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Crystal Ballroom
1332 W. Burnside St

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Lost & Naked

CCs has got you broke a$$ queers covered with no cover all weekend long. Hell yeah!

-ZARI ART professional body-paint airbush artist
-SEXY Jager-boys come to spice up the night
-drink specials
-live DJ

featuring DJ Robb


FREE, 9pm, Saturday June 14th

CC Slaughters
219 NW Davis

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Mr. Nude Portland Pageant


Come join The Sweethearts Of Portland for the best PAGEANT of the year in Portland Hosted by Adrienne Alexander and Kourtni Capree Duv!

Its all about the MEN here. This is a benefit for the 2014-2015 Sweethearts Charity’s. This is an event you will not want to miss! We have some of the best entertainers in Portland lined up to entertain you.

It is going to be held at the Embers Avenue with a $10 cover. Doors open at 5pm with the Pageant starting at 6pm. If you are interested in competing in this pageant please contact Kurtis Hendricks for all the info.

$10, 5pm, Saturday June 14th

110 NW Broadway

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Mrs Tom of Finland

mrs-tom-finlandDoing Pride the Mrs way (you know, themes, my favorite) means Tom of Finland. So get out your best leather or sailor outfit (will I get to wear¬†it again so soon?!) and giantest dildo because whether you were born with a member or no it ain’t no ToF…

Hostess (Kaj-Anne) Pepper Pepper will be there (with butch queen realness? I can only surmise) as well as special guest performer Dieana Dae who join residents Ill Camino and Portland’s biggest queer DJ BeyondaDoubt and photobooth maven Ally Picard.

MRS is an queer event encouraging unbridled creativity & participation while we celebrate YOU, our community.
It’s not just about being the MRS, but about creating a visually expressive, fun, liberating nightlife experience for all of us homos.

How it works:
1: You vote on the themes that inspire you on our page

2: You & your friends come dressed in your interpretations of that theme.

3: Get in that Bloodhound photobooth!

4: The MRS is chosen, gets a photoshoot with Ally
& basically receives a free party with guest list & drink tickets!

5: Repeat monthly ūüôā

$5 Saturday June 14th

Mississippi Studios
3939 N Mississippi Ave

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sleazeFrom the mind of the outrageous Artemis Chase comes a new night just in time for Pride! A debaucherous mix of dirty dancing, sexy go-go boys, and scandalously fun times!

$5, 9pm, go-gos at 10pm

Saturday June 14th

The Royale
317 NW Broadway

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Trans Pride March

TMarchSaturday is a big day with Pride NW’s first official Trans March¬†which kicks off in the morning. You’ll have enough time in the afternoon to take a disco nap and maybe a costume change before the Dyke March later in the day¬†(now I know this will not all be the same people but believe me if I have it in me I’ll be at both just sayin’). It is also the 45th anniversary of Stonewall so it’s about damn time we had our own Trans March, seeing as this is who we owe all these damn June celebrations to.

FREE, 11:30 am at the
North Park Blocks on West Burnside
Saturday June 14th

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