Dyke March

Drag Mansion at the 2011 Dyke March. Photo by Alley Hector.

Drag Mansion at the 2011 Dyke March. Photo by Alley Hector.

The constant refrain of “Where is the Dyke March” and “Is it happening?” are no less present this year BUT it IS happening. It’s at the usual gather time of 6PM It’s at a brand new crazy early time of 1pm at the Salmon Street Fountain (I THINK). But anyway this “parade of exes” has it’s own pre-party sort of hilarity that should not be missed.

Plus it is the 45th anniversary of Stonewall and here’s some local lore as well:

Long long ago and far away in 1994, several Portland Lesbian Avengers- lezzies, bulldykes, femmes, and transfolk got together to replicate an event that happened at the March on Washington (DC) 1993- the Dyke March. 

It’s been 20 years. And a lot of things have changed. We’re shedding labels, and identifying in new and different ways, but I still believe that Dyke March is hugely important to queer and dyke visibility. 

FREE, 1pm at the [NOTE TIME CHANGE: See letter posted below]
Saturday June 14th

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PS While I understand the logistics of the time change I’m less than thrilled. We already have a hard enough time getting our Dyke March in order in this town, people are always confused, lost and wondering if it is happening. It’s always been at 6pm for many years and it feels like we’re getting pushed around. Plus I feel like it’ll be even harder to get people to be up and out in time for 11am. Bad bad decisions all around folks…

Trans Pride March

TMarchSaturday is a big day with Pride NW’s first official Trans March which kicks off in the morning. You’ll have enough time in the afternoon to take a disco nap and maybe a costume change before the Dyke March later in the day (now I know this will not all be the same people but believe me if I have it in me I’ll be at both just sayin’). It is also the 45th anniversary of Stonewall so it’s about damn time we had our own Trans March, seeing as this is who we owe all these damn June celebrations to.

FREE, 11:30 am at the
North Park Blocks on West Burnside
Saturday June 14th

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Superstar Divas Mega Pride Show

superstar-divasCCs has got you broke a$$ queers covered with no cover all weekend long. Hell yeah!


-10am opening
-VIP view of Pride Parade
-drink specials all day!
-self-serve American Harvest Bloody Mary bar
-live DJ (ALL DAY)
-The Superstar Divas Mega-PRIDE Show (7PM)

featuring DJRobb


FREE, 10am and 7pm, Sunday June 15th

CC Slaughters
219 NW Davis

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