bearracudaFriday night is for the furry set with when this regional party takes over Branx. Portland is prime time for bears and cubs. It fits nicely with our Wild West lumberjack vibe so expect the men to be out and growling. Plus with such a miniscule price tag (and for their 5th anniversary no less!), DJ HiFi Sean and gogo bears and laser lights (oh my!) there’s no reason no to bust out your honey pot.

And if this irreverent summer preview video doesn’t rev your bear-lovin’ engine I just don’t know what will.

$6, 9pm Friday June 13th

320 SE 2nd Ave

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Mr. Nude Portland Pageant


Come join The Sweethearts Of Portland for the best PAGEANT of the year in Portland Hosted by Adrienne Alexander and Kourtni Capree Duv!

Its all about the MEN here. This is a benefit for the 2014-2015 Sweethearts Charity’s. This is an event you will not want to miss! We have some of the best entertainers in Portland lined up to entertain you.

It is going to be held at the Embers Avenue with a $10 cover. Doors open at 5pm with the Pageant starting at 6pm. If you are interested in competing in this pageant please contact Kurtis Hendricks for all the info.

$10, 5pm, Saturday June 14th

110 NW Broadway

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Dickslap Pride with Adore Delano

adoredelano-dickslap-pdxYet another Season 6 RuPaul’s Drag Race performer to make your Portland Pride weekend a true pop drag fest. This time Adore Delano ushers in your party that organizers promise will be a “…let loose scenario for boys and girls and more boys… a wonderland full of free beard rubs, slick hands and magical dancing gogo men, where the whiskey shots go down easy and the sounds of the discotheque parade around and intoxicate you until you finally wake up from the dream, potentially next to someone you don’t remember…”

Hosts Shitney Houston and Carla Rossi. Tunes by DJs Nark (Bottom Forty), Roy-G-Biv (Control Top), JenIrish, portraits by Michael Horwitz, photography by Nark Magazine, disco by Moroder, Fuzzy gogos created by moms everywhere (guest gogo woof Rich Kelly).

$12 advanced
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9pm Sunday June 15th

1001 SE Morrison

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