panty-raidThis coolest super underground (it’s in a goddamn Bodega people so bring your cash and I hope you don’t want a cocktail) is having its own Pride Edition. Because it’s tiny but popular expect to get your sweat on, which is a good thing in my opinion and head their sound advice:

please be cool and invite your friends. dont bring some rando everyone hates. dont bring your friend that everyone else thinks is an asshole.

we’re just trying to get our freak number set right. dig.

Be ready for the close up go-go-ing of Ryan Lass and stylings of residents Roy-G-Biv and Aaron Boeke and guest L Train. Hosted by Amoania and performances (quite literally in your face I’m guessing and maybe on top of some Rice a Roni shelving) Du Oh Meg.

And yes, there is a makeout room and patio.

$7, 9pm Friday June 13th

Belmont Bodega
2519 SE Belmont

The parties capacity is 200 people. We suggest coming early to avoid being turned away due to capacity.

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